Spectra features Fusion® UV lamps by Heraeus to initiate fast ultraviolet light polymerization of adhesives and coatings in an efficient inline process. Various beam widths are available to accommodate a wide range of substrate dimensions.  Spectra comes complete with: 
  • OIT touch screen interface 
  • Single or double-sided processing 
  • Dual zone conveyor with configurable cure and transfer speeds 
  • SMEMA edge carrying chain conveyor 
  • SMEMA communications interface 
  • Maximum 4” top and bottom side component clearance 
  • Standard hand crank conveyor adjust and optional automatic conveyor width adjust 
  • Fully enclosed for clean and quiet operation 
  • Large access doors to all critical areas 
  • Inlet air filtration system 
  • Rail expansion compensation
  • Fusion® UV lamps by Heraeus 
  • 300 watt/in. mercury bulb 
  • 8,000 hour bulb life guarantee
UV Beam Widths: 167.64 mm, 335.28 mm, 502.92 mm (6.6 in., 13.2 in., 19.8 in.)  Conveyor Speed:  0.305 m/min to 5.8 m/min (1 ft/min to 19 ft/min)  Working Width: 50 mm to 500 mm (1.97 in. to 19.69 in.)  Lamp Height: 51 mm to 152.4 mm (2 in. to 6 in.) above conveyor  Conveyor Height:  890 mm to 965 mm from floor  (35.04 in. to 38 in.) (SMEMA)  Exhaust Minimum:  1000 cfm exhaust fan with low level flow alarm included  Power Requirements: 220V, 230V, 380V, 400V – 50 Hz 208V, 220V, 230V, 240V – 60Hz  Certification  CE certification available