About Us

JIT Industrial Asia Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company with subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and India. Our founder entered the China market in 1990, at a time when it was the designated manufacturing base of the world. He introduced world-renowned brands for the electronic assembly industry, and over the past 30 years, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience by providing professional support to PCB assembly factories of all sizes. We have been growing alongside our clients, and our core mission is to offer a complete range of chemical auxiliaries, supporting equipment, and solutions for the electronics industry.

We take pride in serving reputable and promising companies such as Huawei, BYD, Foxconn, Jabil, Kaifa, GREE, Midea, Emerson, and Siemens. With China establishing itself as a global leader in the electronic assembly industry, we believe that the next decade will see it export its products and services throughout the world, particularly to ASEAN countries. At JIT Industrial Asia Pte Ltd, we are committed to being part of this forward trend and re-establishing our presence in this part of the world.

We will continue to offer excellent customer service and technical support to all our clients in ASEAN countries. With our proven track record and sound management mode, we are a credible and reliable partner for electronics manufacturers.

In the post-COVID era, we focused on re-establishing business contacts and building lasting relationships with distributor partners from Southeast Asia. Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality industrial coating, potting, dispensing, and related supporting equipment, while leveraging the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 30 years.


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