Plasma system characteristics and parameters Features
  1. Multiple heads and different powers can be configured according to the product processing speed required by customers. 
  2. Different shapes of nozzles can be configured according to the shape of the customer’s products
  3. Higher and stable discharge voltage ensures consistent concentration of ejected ions.
  4. The ejected ions have a low temperature and will not damage the substrate being processed.
Machine size 232*575*373mm (W*H*L)
Machine weight  About 20KG
Voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Power 500/800/1000W
High voltage frequency 40KHz
Working gas Water-free and oil-free compressed air; optional nitrogen, etc. 
Protection Overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection
Remote control Both local control and remote control are available 
Rotary spray gun Processing width diameter: ф80mm, optional  ф60mm,  ф40mm
Direct injection spray gun Processing width diameter: 2 , 3 , 5mm
Fiber cable length 3m, can be customized