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T600 – Disposable Bar Cap

Name: Disposable Bar Caps Material: Thick polypropylene non-woven fabric Color: Blue, White, Pink Style: 19-inch single rib, 21-inch double ribs, extra thick Specifications: 100pcs/bag, 20bags/box Features: Dustproof/thin/breathable Applicable: Food/electronics/clean room, etc.

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T500 – Disposable Shower Cap

Product information Name: Disposable shower cap Material: High-quality environmental protection PE Specification: 100pcs/package (individually packed) Color: Transparent Features: Waterproof/dustproof/oilproof, double seam high elasticity, comfortable to wear without tightening

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T400 – Earmuffs

Name: Disposable earmuffs Material: High-quality environmental protection PE Specification: 100pcs/pack Size: Freesize (unisex) Features: The earmuffs are universal, elastic, and tendon-like, suitable for ears of any size Product Usage: Suitable for hair dyeing, perming, bathing, oil baking, beauty treatment, or use earmuffs to protect ears after piercing to prevent the wound from getting wet

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T300 – Disposable Finger Cots

Product name: Disposable latex finger cots Material: Premium Thick Latex Size: S M L (unisex) Color: White/Yellow Specification: 100g~1000g Package: Canned (Pink/Blue) Features: Powder-free and dust-free, high cleanliness, elastic and durable, effectively protect fingers Thick and wear-resistant, comfortable to wear, reusable

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T200 – Disposable Three-layer Masks

Product name: Disposable protective mask Specification: 50pcs/bag Color: Blue, White, Pink Be applicable: Daily protection  Storage method: It is recommended to store in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment, avoid strong direct light, and keep away from fire sources or flammable materials.

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T100 – Sticky Mat

Name: Sticky Mat Material: polyethylene + water glue (environmentally friendly) Thickness: 0.035mm (3.5 wire) Glue composition: water-soluble acrylate Viscosity: medium-high viscosity Specification: 45*90/60*90/65*115 Number of layers: 30 layers Color: Blue Packing: 10 pieces/box Reminder: Size can be customized Applications: operating room entrance, office entrance, room entrance, ...

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