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ASF500 – PVC Slippers

Name: Anti-static PVC slippers Color: Blue Size: 36 38 40 42 44  Material: PVC plastic Surface resistance: 10^6Ω-10^9Ω Applications: Suitable for electronics and semiconductor assembly and inspection areas, as well as electrostatic sensitive areas and general clean rooms.

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ASF400 – Anti-smashing Dust-free Shoes

Name: Anti-smashing Dust-free shoes Material: Ultra-thick PU soft rubber + waterproof help surface Color: White Applications: Electronic appliances, semiconductors/LEDs, instrumentation, microelectronics, pharmaceutical factories, etc.

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ASF300 – PU Shoes

Name: PU Anti-static work shoes Material: PU sole + canvas fabric Styles: PU Four-hole shoes, PU Mesh shoes, PU Middle towel shoes Color: Blue/White Size: 35~44 Features: Dustproof and antistatic, soft and light, unisex, comfortable and wear-resistant Be applicable: Optoelectronics, solar energy, microelectronics, medicine, food factory and other scenarios

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ASF200 – PVC Cotton Shoes

Name: Anti-static PVC mid towel cotton shoes Material: PVC + canvas + fluff Color: Blue/White Features: Warm and cold protection/anti-static Size: 35~44 Be applicable: Electronics/food, etc.

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ASF1000 – Anti-static Cloth Sleeves

Effective dustproof and antistatic, can effectively discharge the static electricity of the human body / can be washed and used repeatedly Anti-static High-quality fabric Comfortable, breathable and wear-resistant

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ASF100 – PVC Shoes

Name: PVC Four-hole shoes/ PVC Mesh Shoes Material: PVC plastic + canvas Color: Blue/White Size: 35~44 Features: Comfortable, dustproof and antistatic Be applicable: Electronics/food, etc.

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