Product Name: FYG-1260

Chemical Classification:Silicone Sealant

Recommended and Limited Use of Product:Sealant

Composition / information on ingredients

Appearance: paste Color:Light gray / pink
Threshold Limit Value of Smell:Not determined Odor:Slight smell。 
pH Value: 7~8 Melting Point:Not determined
Flammability(solid, gas):No Boiling Point / Range:Not determined
Flash Point: >110 ℃ (Close Cup) Decomposition Temperature:Not determined
Autoignition Temperature:Not determined Explosive Properties:No。
Vapor Density(air=1):Not determined Vapor Pressure:Not determined
Solubility:Not determined Specific Density (water=1):3.5 ± 0.3
Evaporation Rate (ratio to Butyl acetate): Not determined Octanol/Water Partition ratio(log Kow): Not determined