JIT ES-1800

Large Size Online High Precision Visual Dispensing Machine New energy power battery CCS module dispensing Variable speed flying photo positioning Camera alignment support for quick cable change Dynamic synchronous / asynchronous double valve with dual Z structure Flexibility
  • Dual Z structure, dual valve synchronous / asynchronous in one, can freely switch between operating modes, support multiple valve configurations
  • Universal platform can be applied to a variety of dispensing processes and glues to achieve rapid line changesHigh Efficiency
High Efficiency
  • Reduce manual intervention, support CAD import for offline programming, multi-copy engineering files, improve equipment crop rate
  • Precise glue volume control, efficient and stable vision algorithm, batch AOI glue inspection to improve yield
Typical applications
  • Connector
  • CCS module
  • NTC
    Number Item ES-1800
    Basic parameters
    Device Power AC220V 50/60HZ 3.5KW
    Air pressure demand ≥0.6Mpa
    Dimensions 1800*1500*1731(W*D*H)
    Machine weight About 1000KG
    Certification standards CE
    Movement system
    XYZ Positioning accuracy XY: ±50um @ 3σ Z: ±20um @ 3σ
    XYZ Repeatability XY: ±20um @ 3σ Z: ±10um @ 3σ
    X2Y2 Positioning accuracy X2Y2:±50um @ 3σ Z2: ±20um @ 3σ
    X2Y2 Repeatability X2Y2:±20um @ 3σ Z2: ±10um @ 3σ
    Acceleration 0.6g
    Maximum speed 600mm/s(XY)
    Drivie way Imported Servo and Screw Rod
    Working platform parameters
    Transportation track load 12KG
    Range for adjusting width of tracks 100-530mm
    Operating system  Win7
    Thickness of substrate 1-6mm
    Communication protocol SMEMA
    Minimum width of substrate edge  6mm
    Maximum height of allowed device on the substrate 40mm
    Maximum height of allowed device under the substrate 40mm
    Z-axis range 120mm /120mm
    Double synchronous X2Y2 range X2: ±5 mm Y2: ±70mm
    Synchronized double valve pitch 60-200mm
    Range for dispensing
    Synchronized dual-valve (single or double track) X1200*Y500mm
    Asynchronous dual-value (single or double track) X1200*Y500mm
    Standard configuration:● Selected configuration:〇 Not available:-
    Vacuum cleaner
    Sound and light alarm
    Vision system
    Standard operating system
    Industrial PC
    30cc/55cc feeder
    Laser height measurement system
    Single track
    Low-level liquid detection and alarm
    Camera needle calibration module
    Flight Image Acquisition
    Industrial Barcode Scanner
    Valve Wiping Glue Module
    Weighing system
    Valve modules
    QR code scanning 
    Glue Inspection
    Dispense valve
    Bottom heating under waiting area and dispensing area
    Automatic loading and unloading