The ES-700 series of online automatic dispensers are widely used in various high-precision automated dispensing applications, combining high-speed, high-precision, high consistency visual motion control systems with simple and friendly operating software. It is convenient to program any track with kinds of valves to meet the dispensing process requirements of different products. Performance Characteristics 
  • Support 2D / 3D visual orientation 
  • Support 3-axis or 4-axis linkage 
  • Support unit recognition, edge grasping and other visual positioning methods 
  • Support platform calibration to realize program duplication between machines 
  • Support multi-point valve calibration to ensure the global accuracy within the dispensing range 
  • Support taking photo on the fly and dispensing on the fly to realize the high speed dispensing 
  • Support weight or density control dispensing process to ensure consistency of glue quantity 
  • Support CAD import to reduce programming time 
  • Support 2D / 3D glue detection 
  • It can be matched with various valve bodies, supporting double valves and double rails, greatly improving production efficiency
Typical applications:
  • Mobile phone middle frame and back cover
  • Smartphone camera
  • Fingerprint module of mobile phone
  • FPC (FlexiblePrinted Circuit)
Specification parameters:
Model ES-720-SS1132 ES-720-SL1132
Dimensions 798mm(W)X1200mm(D)X1400(H) 798mm(W)X1260mm(D)X1440(H)
Working range 350mm(W)X450(D) 410mm(W)X475(D)
Machine weight 800kg 1200kg
Supported axes X、Y、Z(U、R)
Dispensing method Single valve vertical/Single valve tilt(≤ 20°)/real-time synchronized double valve/ asynchronous double value
Positioning accuracy ±30μm@3sigma(X、Y)
Repeatability ±15μm@3sigma(X、Y) ±10μm@3sigma(X、Y)
Visual accuracy Subpixel
Searching speed 10ms
Maximum speed 800mm/S 1500mm/S
Maximum acceleration 0.8g(X、Y) 1.5g(X、Y)
Transportation track height 880~950mm
Transportation track load 3kg
Number of rails Single Or Double Track
Servo motor Imported Servo、Screw Rod Imported Servo、Linear Motor(X、Y)
Control mode Pc
Input voltage 220v,50~60hz
Power demand About 3kw
Air pressure demand 0.6Mpa
Camera dimensions 0.3m, 1.3m, 5m Pixel
Transportation direction L → R(R → L)
Line change time Product Calibration Time Not Stored:30min Stored Products Adjustment Time:15min
Options Pneumatic Jet Valve、Piezoelectric Valve、Syringe Valve、Screw Valve, Etc. Needle Calibration Module、Combined Lighting Module Heating Module、Weighing Module