• Integrated full-functional model, the whole motion platform integrated spray and welding, compact space.
  • PCB plate fixed, spray and welding platform moving.
  • High welding quality, greatly improve the pass rate of welding.
  • Modular design of SMEMA online transportation, support customers for flexible line formation.
  • Full PC control. All parameters can set in PC and saved to PCB menu, like moving path, solder temperature, flux type, solder type ,n2 temperature etc, best trace-ability and easy to get repeat soldering quality.
Standard machine include:
Serial Item content Quantity
1 Controlling system PC & monitor 1(set)  
Live on monitor camera
 motion control
2  PCB Motion table 三 xyz motion table 1(set)    
3 axis equipped with ball screw & linear guild rail
 3 axis equipped with servo motor & driver
3 Fluxing system Imported fluxing jetting valve 1(set)  
flux tank
 flux pneumatic system
4 preheating system IR heater at bottom 1(set)  
5 Soldering pot 15kg capacity solder pot, impeller, tunnel, servor motor 1(set)  
 solder temperature over heat alarm system
 solder temperature controlling system
 inline heating system
( 4mm x 3pcs, 5mm,6mm ) Standard equipped solder nozzle
6 PCBConveyor system PCBPCB side clamping system 1set)  
7 Machine chassis machine frame/cover & painting 1(set)