Function features
  1. Eliminate static electricity on the surface of the substrate, clean and activate the surface of the substrate, increase the surface energy of the substrate, and improve the adhesion between the adhesive and the substrate.
  2. The plasma temperature is low and does not damage the substrate.
  3. No arcing, no damage to the chip of the processed product
  Applications: Plasma treatment is widely used in the surface cleaning and activation of various conductive and non-conductive materials
  1. Electronic and electrical industry (printed circuit board bonding, wafer/chip/LED, mobile phone glass cover & middle frame, etc.)
  2. Packaging and printing industry (plastic packaging, toy products, paper & carton printing, cosmetic packaging, etc.)
  3. Automotive industry (car lights, EPDM sealing strips, automotive interior and exterior trim parts, instrument panels, automotive electronics, etc.)
  4. Line of defense industry (outdoor clothing surface printing, fabric & non-woven fabric dyeing, shoe material adhesive, etc.)
  1. Multiple heads and different power can be configured according to the product processing speed required by customers
  2. Different shapes of nozzles can be configured according to the shape of customers’ products
  3. The high and stable discharge voltage ensures consistent ejection ion concentration.
  4. The ejected plasma has a low temperature and does not damage the treated substrate
Item unit Single Dual
Input voltage VAC 220± 10%, Single Phase
Input Frequency Hz 50/60
Input current Amp Max 8 per a head
Ground resistance Ω Lower than 10
Input gas NA AIR(CDA), CO2, N2, O2, Ar, Etc
Gas pressure MPa 0.4 ~~0.6
Gas flow rate LPM 25-80
Plasma output Watt 500/1000/1500
Discharge voltage KVolt 8~12
Discharge freq. KHz 30-60
Plasma length mm Max.70
Plasma width mm Spot max.20/Slit max.25
Operation ambient temp °C 50
Discharge head q’ty Set 1 2
Discharge head length meter Max 8 per a head