1. Smaller size larger stroke.
The same size, stroke increased by 20-25%, making it more compatible.Servo motor + grinding ball screw, higher precision, larger load, more extensive.
2. The glue flow rate is faster and more stable.
Use volumetric metering technology to push the glue out of the container at a uniform speed, ,ensuring that the thickness of the glue line is uniform.
3. The glue shaft can be configured according to the size of the glue package.
It supports 50ml, 250ml, 400ml, 490ml packages of two-component glue with different proportions.
4. Suitable for various needs in the dispensing industry.
Common glues such as UV glue,red glue,silver glue, A-B glue,COB black glue, conductive glue,heat dissipatition aluminum paste,instant glue,etc.


Model SEC-E380S-W SEC-E480S-W
Working range 380(X)╳380(Y)╳100(Z)mm 480(X)╳480(Y)╳100(Z)mm
Y/Z max payload 20kg/10kg
Max travel speed 400mm/sec(XY)/200mm/sec(Z)
Transfer method Servo motor, lead screw, precision rail
Dosing method Servo, lead screw
Dispensing method SMC needle valve
XYZ position accuracy ±0.02mm
Resolution 0.01mm
Memory storage 999 program setups (each program can store up to 65535 spots.)
Operating method LCD, teach pendant
Transport system Servo motor
Movement method 4 axis spot to spot, continue line, arc.
I/O 1 input, 4 output (support expansion)
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz 0.9kw
Working environment Temperature 0-40%, humidity 20-90%
Machine weight 约80kg, About 80kg 约95kg, About 95kg
Machine dimension 520*583*645 mm 620*683*645 mm