Shenzhen Shenlan Aifa New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in one-stop service of R&D, production and sales of conformal paint. It is also one of the most professional and competitive conformal paint manufacturers in China. Provide customers with an overall three-defense solution.

Shenlan Aifa not only has a professional R&D team, but also has close cooperative relationships with chemistry majors in many domestic universities and colleges. It continues to consolidate and improve its technology R&D capabilities to ensure reliable product quality and competitive advantages.

Shenlan Aifa Company adheres to the tenets of: continuous innovation, professional manufacturing, efficient service, and honest management, and works hand in hand with upstream and downstream partners to become the preferred famous brand for global three-proof solutions.

Their products promise to:

  • Environmentally friendly, low odor, fast curing speed
  • Green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no harm to human body, fast curing speed, good adhesion to various products
  • Insulated, moisture-proof, high and low temperature resistant
  • Transparent, quick-drying, waterproof and insulated, resistant to high temperatures up to 150 degrees and low temperatures of minus 60 degrees
  • Prevent the product from being corroded, which can enhance the service life of the product. Anti-aging, play a very good protective role