VC-450M is a machine that applies high temperature and high pressure to the air in an environment that does not require vacuum to generate ionized plasma. The total number of electrons of cations and anions in the plasma is almost equal, and the plasma is in a neutral state. The ions and electrons in the plasma collide with the surface of the substrate at high speed, remove foreign matter attached to the surface of the substrate, and attach functional groups to the surface. This process can clean the surface and obtain the effect of hydrophilization. At the same time, the functional groups attached to the surface of the substrate increase the surface energy of the substrate, thereby enhancing the surface adhesion of the substrate. 




Item Specification Noted
Model VC-450M Appearance white
Device Platform Section  Size(mm) 800*1270*1450


Excludes footings and lighthouses
PCB Size(mm) 50*50~450*400 (X*Y)
The distance from the front edge of the equipment to the fixed track About 320mm
Overboard track height (mm) 900+/-20
Overboard height (max) 40mm
Board direction Lift→Right Adjustable R→L
Processing speed range 


Z-axis height control software control
Z-axis height adjustment range (mm) 0~80
Abnormal alarm Air pressure, power, temperature and other abnormal alarms  Digital air pressure
Control System Industrial control + servo control
Track load 10kg
Delivery system Track transfer (automatic width adjustment)  one-piece chain
Stop system Cylinder 
Operating system Win10
Equipment operating software VECTRON control software Chinese/English
Vacuuming and deodorizing system Forced negative pressure exhaust + dust box
Equipment electrical part Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz
External air source (MPa) CDA 0.4~0.8
Total power


Plasma System Section Plasma System Type Single head, rotary spray  import system
Plasma System Power (W) 600~800(Max)
High voltage discharge voltage (KV) 8~12
Working discharge frequency KHz 40
Gas flow 


optimal handling height (mm) 12~16
Nozzle model Ø20mm/ 90°  Optional Ø40,Ø60