The machine equips with 3 axis robotic system. It is operated by Second originally developed software, windows based. It can not only set trajectories such as set points, lines, circles, and arcs, but also has advanced functions such as three-dimensional potting through program setting. It is automatic metering, mixing, and dosing base on pre-determined ratio. The machine equips with automatic refill, and degassing system. It can also add agitate stirring, tank heating, and automatic valve cleaning. The operation is simple and user friendly, which greatly saves the manual mixing time, improves efficiency, and also save material and labor cost.

Able to dispensing various type of two-component adhesive material on electric components. For PCB, electronic components, lighting, household appliances, igniter, automotive supplies, vacuum cleaner, filter, and many other fields. 


Dispensing range (max.)
Travel speed
Mixing accuracy
Dosing accuracy
Mixing ratio
100:100~100:20 or 100:20~100:10 adjustable
Dosing speed
1g/sec~15g/sec or 5g/sec~30g/sec
Workable viscosity
Operating system
PC computer or HMI touchscreen
Metering system
Step motor + Gear pump / Screw ump, or servo + piston pump
Travel/transporting system
Micro step motor + synchronize belt
Power supply
AC220V  50HZ  2.5KW
Machine footprint
1300(L) ╳1250(W)╳1600(H)mm
Machine weight
About 330KG
Working environment