1. The system includes 2-part automatic material prepping and feeding system.
System equips with high-power vacuum pump to speed up work cycle. Works with XYZ Cartesian dispensing robot.
2. High degeree of automation.
Automatic refilling, degassing, metering, mixing, and dosing homogeneously and continuously.
3. Powerful control system.
Control and operate by an industrial PC computer with Windows base dispensing software.Powerful software allow to control vacuum levels, and various vacuum sequences.

Working range 400(X) x 300(Y) x 100(Z)mm
Machine dimensions
(Vacuum host)
1420(L) x 1160(W) x 2200(H)mm
Mixing&Dispensing accuracy ±2%
Mixing ratio (adj.) 100:100~100:20 or 100:20~100:10 adjustable
Dosing speed 1g/s~10g/s or 5g/s~20g/s or 10g/s~30g/s
Control system Industrial PC computer + SEC motion control card
Operation method Inline fully automated
Vacuum pump (For Vacuum host) ultimate vacuum 50 Pa (0.5mbar)
Vacuum host ultimate vacuum 200Pa (2mbar)