STG-715 Thermal Grease is a paste silicone product containing a large amount of metal oxides. Because it contains a large amount of metal oxide components, this product can promote heat conduction, low fluid loss, and high temperature stability. This product has excellent stability to temperature changes, high temperature up to 200°C. It can help maintain the heat dissipation paste sealant, improve the heat transfer of electrical and electronic parts to the heat dissipation paste or chassis, thereby increasing the efficiency of the parts.



Appearance/Color Translucent
Specific density (25℃)  2.35±0.15 
High temperature and long-term liquid loss at 200°C for 24 hours (%) <0.5 
Volatile matter at high temperature and long time at 200℃ for 24 hours (%) <0.5 
Dropping temperature (℃) 300
Cone penetration 310
Thermal conductivity (W/m.k,ASTM D 2214)  1.5 ± 0.1
Dielectric strength (volts/mil,ASTM D149)  200
Volume resistivity (ohm-cm,ASTM D1169) 1.3 × 10^14

Storage and Shelf Life: 

Packaging: 1kg, 10kg