SFR-940D has good thermal conductivity, leveling, two-liquid addition reaction type silicone. It is mainly used for the injection of electronic and electrical products, such as: communication modules, microtransformers, power supplies, connectors, sensors, relays, high-voltage resistors, LEDs, etc. Suitable for batch or continuous production. Agent A and Agent B are pink and white respectively, and the two agents are of different colors, so it is easy to choose to mix evenly when mixing. Mixed in equal amounts (weight ratio), normal temperature lymphoma or warming lymphoma can be used to form a pink silicone elastomer after lymphoma. The product has excellent electrical properties, water resistance, reinforcement, small expansion coefficient and weather resistance. The stability of characteristics is not easily affected by temperature changes. 



SFR – 940D
Product type SFR-940D (A)  SFR-940D (B) 
Appearance/Color Pink liquid White liquid
Viscosity (cps)  28,000 ~ 32,000 23,000 ~ 27,000 
Specific density (25℃)  2.9±0.1  3.0±0.1 
Mix ratio(wt:wt)  1 1
Operating time (25℃,100g) 30min 
Cure time (100 g) RT:24hr
80℃ for 30 min 
Hardness (Shore A) 65
Shrinkage (%) <0.1 
Water absorption(%) <0.05
Dielectric strength (KV/mm)  20
Volume resistivity (ohm-cm)  2.0× 10^13 
Dielectric loss (1 Mhz)  2.1× 10^-3
Dielectric constant (1 Mhz)  4.4
Thermal conductivity (W/m.k) 3.0
Linear thermal expansion (ppm.℃) (5 ~ 150 ℃)  200